Why ToeFX?

Meet your best option for moderate to severe toenail fungus

Many ToeFX patients have been suffering for years and tried it all: creams, lotions, vinegar. ToeFX is created and tested by scientists working directly with foot care clinicians. We understand that toenail fungus is stubborn, slow to treat, and can be embarrassing. Our vision is to help people who are afraid of showing their feet and infecting their loved ones to walk with confidence.


Significantly eliminates toenail fungus in 8-12, quick 30-minute treatment sessions without downtime.


ToeStain is a non-toxic, drug-free product formulation. The ClearToe Therapy Light is a low-risk, laser-free and painless light.


Featuring an intuitive user interface ToeFX is designed for ease of use both for practices.

Real patients explain how ToeFX changed their lives

Choose a product backed by scientific research

ToeFX is committed to the highest quality products, backed by clinical research. Our quality management system is certified to ISO 13485 (2016). The ToeFX Therapy Light is an FDA-cleared, minimal risk medical device.

All ToeFX products are proudly designed, developed and manufactured in Canada. ToeFX is a Canadian company partnered with life science and technology groups across the country that support innovation.

Live with clear confidence.