A safe, effective solution for onchomycosis used by clinics nationwide.

The ToeFX Therapy Light for clearance of toenail fungus is authorized for sale by Health Canada.

Clear up toenail fungus

The ToeFX Therapy Light is authorized by Health Canada for the clearance of toenail fungus (onychomycosis). Painless, safe and tested to clear up yellow, crumbling nails.

Safe with no side effects

Tired of remedies that don’t work? ClearToe Therapy technology is made in Canada and is designed to be a safe and effective solution for the treatment of toenail fungus

Become a partner clinic

At ToeFX, nothing is more important to us than providing clinically proven solutions that really work. Let us help you help your patients show off their toenails and live fungus-free.

Relief For Patients With Chronic Onychomycosis

Painless, drug-free and no side-effects
The ClearToe Therapy Light uses photodisinfection to target fungal infections. There are no side effects.

Used by podiatry professionals nationwide
Are you a patient looking for ClearToe Therapy? Over 150 clinics across the country are now helping their patients live fungus-free.


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