ToeFX® Clears Up Toenail Fungus

Follow your path to clearer toenails with these 3 easy steps.

ToeFX’s solution is clinically proven and backed by scientific research. 

Step 1

Check your toe health.

Use ToeFX’s free self-assessment today to evaluate your nail health ensure your toes receive the attention they deserve. Let us help you step confidently towards healthier, happier feet.

Step 2

The clinician will take a nail sample for analysis.

Psoraisis, nail trauma and onycholysis all resemble nail fungus. Diagnosis means you get the treatment that's right for you.

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The clinician will brush ToeStain onto the nail to mark areas of infection, and debride the nail to reduce fungal load.

Relax! This takes 15 minutes. Infected areas of the nail will be marked in blue.

Your foot will be illuminated for 12 minutes. See clearer nails in as little as 3 months.

Use daily NailFX revitalizing serum to maintain clear nails post-treatment

Step 3

Let us help you stay fungus-free.

You transformed your nails with painless, non-toxic professional ToeFX light therapy.

Follow the ToeFX Method to achieve lasting results with our light therapy treatments and keep your “after” photo looking great.