ToeFX reaches milestone of 100 clinics across Canada

ToeFX, a healthtech startup offering a safe, effective treatment for nail fungus (onychomycosis), celebrated reaching a new milestone with their innovative ClearToe Therapy Light, which is now available at over 100 clinics from BC to Newfoundland.  ToeFX is a longstanding Forge client and developed a non-invasive, non-toxic, and painless treatment for clinicians to clear up nail fungus within eight to ten treatments using their innovative ClearToe Therapy Light.

The treatment is authorized by Health Canada and uses photodisinfection technology together with ClearToe Serum, without the use of lasers. Prior to ToeFX, Canadian foot care clinicians had only a handful of options at their disposal – oral or topical prescription medications, laser therapy or nail removal.

ToeFX has seen consistently high demand for their ClearToe Therapy light, with 30 clinics adopting the therapy method across Canada within the first quarter of its launch to the market. Clinicians value the ease of use and affordability of the therapy method, while patients enjoy having non-invasive treatment option that does not cause any adverse effects. The Hamilton-based startup is deeply committed to researching, testing. and manufacturing their products in Canada and is currently developing novel diagnostic techniques.

“The response to our product since launch 18 months ago has been incredible.  We are grateful to the clinicians all over Canada who have chosen ToeFX for their patients,” said Dr. Monika Yazdanian, CEO and co-founder of ToeFX.

Dr. Irit Van-Ham, CTO and co-founder of ToeFX, added, “We are also appreciative for the continued support of all of the partners supporting medtech innovation in Canada, such as The Forge, McMaster University, OBIO, NRC-IRAP and Innovation Factory.”

View all clinics offering the ClearToe Therapy on ToeFX’s website.