Resources for Clinicians

Effective communication with patients is important.  We are here to help!

Upcoming webinars:

September 16th : The ToeFX Photodisinfection Method for Onychomycosis. Dr. Irit Van-Ham : 7h30 PM EST-8h15 PM EST.

September 20th: MAFCN conference with special presentation at 9AM MT with Dr. Irit Van-Ham

September 30th: Educational webinar by Dr. Chris Milkie.  How to Grow Your Practice and Generate More Revenue With New Technologies: 7h30 PM EST-8h15 PM EST.

October 14th:  The ToeFX Photodisinfection Method for Onychomycosis with Dr. Irit Van-Ham : 7h30 PM EST-8h15 PM EST. 

November 10th: Canadian Federation of Podiatry Medicine Conference with special presentation by Dr. Irit Van-Ham. Come see us at the ToeFX booth. Time: TBA

November 20th : Canadian Podiatry Medical Association Conference

All clinics receive a full-size poster summarizing clinical study results, rack cards and helpful hints for keeping fungus away.