Onychomycosis: A maintenance regimen for the prevention of recurring onychomycosis

Let’s Talk About Maintenance Programs. Did you know that the ToeFX Therapy Light can successfully prevent re-infections of onychomycosis?


It is well known by clinicians and researchers that onychomycosis patients are commonly susceptible to re-infection. It is a very stubborn condition to successfully treat permanently.  Statistics vary, but studies show the rates of reinfection can be 25-50% or more. Furthermore, it should be recognized that reinfection can occur much later. A year or more can pass before symptoms of the condition return. This can be extremely frustrating for patients.


It is important for clinicians to know that patients with a genetic predisposition, the elderly, immunocompromised, and those with diabetes are more likely to experience re-infection of onychomycosis. Other factors to be considered are:


  • Family history and cross-contagion from family members
  • Lifestyle, such as occlusive footwear that is a breeding ground for fungal infections
  • Moist environmental conditions 
  • Fungus type
  • Cure efficacy


For this reason, a maintenance regimen should be planned for and implemented to reduce the likelihood of recurrence once successful results have been achieved. Topical medications are being used for this purpose.


Now there is a new and more effective option. Photodisinfection has proven to show great promise as the preferred maintenance tool for the prevention of relapse.


ToeFX research studies carried out in two sites concluded that ToeFX photodisinfection therapy should be repeated every 6-8 weeks as a maintenance regimen (past initial sessions every 2 weeks) to prevent relapse in most cases. The benefits of this regimen include the following:


  • A safer therapy for long term use
  • No side effects experienced over extended periods of time
  • Increases compliance as it is routinely scheduled and requires only regularly scheduled appointments
  • A better solution for those patients that are prone to reinfection


Of course, personal hygiene measures should also be a priority for those experiencing or predisposed to onychomycosis. Basic practices for prevention include:

  • Wearing clean socks and shoes
  • Keeping the feet cool and dry
  • Avoiding wet public places such as pools and locker rooms
  • Keeping nails trimmed short
  • Avoiding contagion from family members


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How Does Maintenance Work with ToeFX?


When using ToeFX ClearToe Therapy, the patient is provided with a simple maintenance plan that is meant to prevent or contain reinfections. It is safe, easy, and eliminates worry. Providing an ongoing treatment solution for your patients suffering from onychomycosis is a win-win.


Patients can be scheduled to come once every 6-8 weeks, depending on the severity of the toenail fungus and the success of previous treatments. 

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