How to make ToeFX ClearToe Light Therapy Treatments a Positive Experience for your Patients and Grow Your Business

Patient results and testimonials have shown that ToeFX ClearToe Light Therapy Treatment is now being embraced by clinicians and patients nationwide. 

Finally there is a safe and effective solution for onychomycosis to replace topical and oral medications that is painless, drug-free, and has no side effects. The ClearToe Therapy Light uses photodisinfection to target fungal infection. Read about the results and testimonials here.

In this blog we will discuss how to make ToeFX Light Therapy Treatments a positive experience for your patient.
can in turn grow your patient base and increase sales for your business.


Offer Superior Care

First and foremost, you need to provide patients with exceptional care in every way possible. If you go above and beyond to satisfy your patients’ needs they will want to come back for all of their scheduled treatments. They will also recommend your clinic to coworkers, friends, and family which of course benefits and grows your business.

How do you make patients feel their care experience has been exceptional? It’s all in the details! Whether it be how they’re greeted at the door by reception, essential oils diffusing at the wellness clinic entrance, or masks and sanitization for a feeling of safety in a medical clinic- the little details can make the biggest impact!


Focus on Clear and Positive Communication

Focus on enhancing the patient’s overall experience by communicating in an honest, caring and knowledgeable way. By strengthening the patient/provider relationship you gain trust. Patients place a high value on healthcare providers who are good listeners and ask all of the important questions while communicating clearly. 


Provide Educational Information

Educate your patients to prepare them for the treatments. Tell them what they can and cannot expect from their treatments. Every provider of ClearToe Light Therapy is trained and equipped with the ToeFX Professional Certificate in Photodisinfection. This builds the foundation of knowledge necessary for you to educate patients. 

On the ToeFX website Partner Clinic Hub page there are a variety of support materials that are available for Certified Providers to educate and share with patients. For example, always share the Patient Treatment Information at the first appointment. This informational document outlines what the patient can expect before and during treatments and includes necessary lifestyle information that outlines how the patient should maintain their nails between their ClearToe Therapy treatments. 

Patients should understand the process and treatment plan. Make them aware that there are no ‘quick fixes’ when it comes to toenail fungus. “Slow and steady” is the way to go. Patients appreciate it when they are well informed and it helps them to have clear expectations of their treatment plan.  


The Treatment Room

One of the benefits of ClearToe Therapy is that the clinician is free to be with other patients while the photodisinfection light is doing the work! The debridement takes place in the treatment room, however, while being treated with ClearToe Therapy Light the patient can be left to quietly relax in any other clinic room without specialized equipment. This room should be comfortable and can be equipped with wifi or soothing music for the enjoyment of the patient. Patients appreciate this service while spending time at their scheduled appointments. 


Convenient Scheduling and Online Booking Service

Statistics show that many patients go online to find a healthcare provider. The ability to book or cancel appointments online is much more convenient than calling and patients appreciate the simplicity. It also allows you to send automated reminders of upcoming appointments with your patients which can be excellent for reducing no-shows. There are many healthcare online booking systems available. Do some research to find the one that works best for your clinic profile.


Your Clinic Website

Your website is often the prospective patient’s first impression of the clinic. Make sure your site is easy to use, loads quickly, looks and works well on mobile devices and features all the information a patient needs to know about your practice. Include information about your providers and the conditions you treat. Keep ClearToe Therapy top of mind by including a feature page on your clinic’s website sharing positive statistics, testimonials, and treatment details. Patient’s confidence in your website appearance and usefulness increases the likelihood of getting a booking online from new and prospective patients and growing your business!

Patient trust and loyalty improve your retention, reputation, and grows your business. If you would like to learn more about how other clinics that offer ToeFX ClearToe Light Therapy have succeeded, reach out to us!  Call 1-866-325-6027 ext. 202 to connect with Aviv Gelb, your sales and partner clinic success manager. Or write to us at We are here to help!