ClearToe Therapy

The ClearToe Therapy Light by the innovators at ToeFX is authorized for sale by Health Canada for clearance of toenail fungus.  Your patients will be able to “show off their toenails” and live fungus-free.  Talk to a ToeFX representative about this new treatment option.

This safe, non-toxic and simple treatment can be administered in 30 minutes. The ClearToe Therapy light is designed to clear up the yellow, crumbling appearance of toenail fungus (onychomycosis).  With its built-in one-touch 15 minute timer, and sleek, lightweight design, this user-friendly device is portable and fits easily into any clinic.

Treat the entire foot at once – the curved casing fits comfortably over all five toes.  The ClearToe Therapy Light is a Class II medical device, and is the only photodisinfection technology approved by Health Canada for treatment of nail fungus. There are no lasers in this product.

ClearToe Serum is a non-toxic antimicrobial topical formulation to be used after debriding the nail.  It is available in single-use disposable applicators.  Recommended for use with the ClearToe Therapy Light.

– standard wall power adaptor
– output voltage 12 V; output current 800 mA
– contains no software

ToeFX Professional Certificate in Photodisinfection

ToeFX offers a Professional Certificate in Photodisinfection. A member of the ToeFX team will coach you in the theory and practice of photosisinfection. Training is conducted online and we mark your success by mailing you a certificate for display in your practice.

What you will learn with our Professional Certificate in Photodisinfection

  • Theory of photodisinfection – taught by Dr Irit Van-Ham, Ph.D.

  • Clinical practice of photodisinfection

  • Practical tips to maximize the benefit to your patients

All clinicians who complete the certification program will receive a professional certificate suitable for framed display. Send inquiries to

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