At ToeFX, nothing is more important to us than providing a clinically proven solution for toenail fungus that works.  We can help you help your patients show off their toenails and live fungus-free. Let us be a partner in your success.
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Laura Desjardins, Chiropodist
Podiatry on Yonge at King
Toronto, ON

ToeFX has been an invaluable addition to my clinic-
I’ve seen a notable difference on my patient’s nails
in one or two treatments. It’s painless and effective,
allowing my patients to resume their busy lives immediately
after treatment.

Dr.Samir Lalani
Alpine Foot & Ankle Clinic
Calgary, AB

ClearToe Therapy has been a valuable addition to our practice.
It has provided us with a safe and effective alternative to
topical and oral medications for onychomycosis. Our patients
have been happy with the results and we look forward to
seeing continued improvement.

Monica Mary, FCN
Lu’ma Medical Centre
Vancouver, BC

Thank you for your incredibly effective product.
It is changing the lives of my clients and has made
my practice much more exciting!

Bree Wright, RN, FCN
Heal Your Sole Footcare
Moose Jaw, SK

We implemented a system to successfully
incorporate the ToeFX procedure in our busy
clinic setting and are seeing excellent results.

succes story

ToeFX Patient, 64
Pictured with a “smile”

I am so grateful and excited that I can see the
white of my nails. Can’t remember when was the
last time I did. Probably years ago.
I appreciate the good care and results this study is
offering me. I actually have toenails now!

Kara Fillier BSc.Kin., D.Ch., Chiropodist
Fillier Foot Clinic & Orthotics
Sudbury, ON

Many patients have tried more painful and costly
approaches with little to no results. Once trying
ToeFx, improvements were noticed and patients
were beyond happy! Patients now feel confident
with wearing open toed shoes again!