Become a ToeFX Partner Clinic

At ToeFX, nothing is more important to us than providing a clinically proven solution for toenail fungus that works.  We can help you help your patients show off their toenails and live fungus-free. Let us be a partner in your success.

We provide 24/7 customer support and patient counselling upon request.

See how it works! Watch this in-clinic training video.

ToeFX Professional Certificate in Photodisinfection

ToeFX offers a Professional Certificate in Photodisinfection. A member of the ToeFX science team will coach you in the theory and practice of photosisinfection. Training is conducted online and we mark your success by mailing you a certificate for display in your practice.

What you will learn with our Professional Certificate in Photodisinfection

  • Theory of photodisinfection – taught by Dr Irit Van-Ham, Ph.D.

  • Clinical practice of photodisinfection

  • Practical tips to maximize the benefit to your patients

All clinicians who complete the certification program will receive a professional certificate suitable for framed display. Send inquiries to