How a classified ad ended a thirty-year war with toenail fungus

succes story

By: Dr. Monika Yazdanian. Ph.D. During ToeFX’s clinical trials I’ve had the privilege of meeting some amazing people and listening to our patients’ stories. But Kerry stands out in many ways. Her positivity, smile, and bubbly mannerisms are contagious. She can brighten any room with her humour and spirit. Along with her contagious spirit unfortunately Kerry also had contagious toes - for over 3 decades she suffered from toenail fungus. Kerry’s story - her passion and energy - deserves to be heard. Recently, we had a chat with Kerry to learn more about her “glass half full” philosophy. . Here are some interesting sound bites. ToeFX: So…

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ToeFX now offers Certificate in Photodisinfection

photodisinfection test

Our partner clinics have been asking for a certification program, so we delivered.  ToeFX is delighted to announce that it now offers a Certificate in Photodisinfection. The Photodisinfection Certificate training course is available to professional foot care clinicians only and covers the principles, theory and practical application of the ToeFX photodisinfection treatment for  onychomycosis.  Clinicians must complete a training module (web-based), an in-person training session, and a certification test.  Certificate will be mailed to clinics within 10 days of completion of the certification test.

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Watch the new ToeFX video

Video in lab

Click here to watch a new video featuring the founders of ToeFX and the ClearToe Therapy Light treatment.  We offer all of our clinicians free training sessions, and you always have access to online guidance videos for administration of the treatment.  The videos are short – this is a very simple treatment with minimal active clinician time required.    

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